Beach Classes

Our main goals are to: 1) get outside, and 2) have fun! We focus on common, functional, everyday movements. By continually varying movements, loads, and intensity across broad time and modal domains, we create workouts that will leave you breathless, and coming back for more!!

Our schedule is "weather permitting" -
Meeting every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am; and Saturday mornings at 7:00am and 8:30am!


***Feel free to check our Facebook page for daily and weekly updates: IRB Strength, HIIT, and Mobility.

Suggested Donation: $15

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Personal Training

Whether your personal goal is specific or not - I'm here to help!

I work with each and every athlete with their interest(s) in mind. Whether today is your first day OR your 10,000th day, YOU are my main focus.  Whether your goal includes endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, or basic coordination I will program specifically for you!

I specialize in: Weightlifting - the snatch and clean and jerk; Powerlifting - squats, bench press, and deadlifting; as well as basic body mechanics.

Personal Training Options:

1) Mel's Gym: starting rate - $35

2) House calls: starting rate - $45

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